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* Options allow you to go in another direction for example a logo incorporating a bird could be one option, then the same logo could be done incorporating a plane as a second options. Options must be for the same business name.

** A minor revision can be defined as a change that is not time consuming think maybe 20 minutes. For example a color change or an alteration to a character. If we determine that a change is not minor then we reserve the right to charge additionally.

  • Our logo styles are simple but effective. We do not believe logos should be complicated.
  • Source Illustrator files are included with all artwork ( Saving you money as your business grows ).
  • You must provide us with your desired concept(s). For example a male, purple trex-dinosaur also incorporating green and yellow elements, that will appeal to children, that is similar but not identical to Barney.
  • You should provide us with the full name of the legally registered entity e.g. “iHop Tours”. If the name of the Logo you choose is legally unavailable then you may have to pay to have it redone.

USD $212.5

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