On Page SEO Importance and Tips

On page Search Engine Optimization is perhaps the simpler and most straight forward of the two broad categories of SEO ( On page and Off page ). Every SEO campaign starts from the web site and if your web site is not optimized for both search engines and visitors, your chances for success are diminished. To achieve maximum exposure in the search engines and have happy customers, on page SEO is very important. If you’re unsure why you should care about this, consider that the number one result for any given keyword receives a minimum of 40% of all the organic traffic. Acquiring traffic is the first in a series of steps towards the closing sale which pads your bottom line. At this point you may wonder which is more important, On page or Off page SEO? That answer to that question often depends on where lies the bottle neck. As with many other activities in life strengthening the weakest area will generate the highest returns. Therefore you need to evaluate what is your weakest area  as part of your overall strategy.


Now that you understand why it is important here is a brief list of tips which will help you understand what on page SEO is all about and how you can get started yourself:

  1. Use your keywords in your title, not only that but try to make them the very first words in the title! Google places emphasis on the title, and so should you! This is where it should start. Also note that the length of the title is important as Google only displays the first 70 characters.
  2. Use your main keywords strategically in the form they will be mostly searched for. If your keywords are “best web designers” use that exact phrase several times in your content. Also using your keywords in the first as well as closing paragraphs is a good idea. Just make sure there is no doubt your content is about your keywords “best web designers” without overusing them.
  3. Write unique content that covers your topic well. Don’t skimp, give your readers what they are searching for-the search engines will also love it. There is a great reward in giving value
  4. Use your keywords in your meta description tags. Your content management system will allow you to manually set these fields.
  5. Include internal links to more good content on the subject of your article.
  6. Include a site map.
  7. Break up your content with images, video, and audio which your main keyword you are targeting as the tag to them.
  8. If possible utilize a domain name with your main keywords in it as close to the beginning as possible. Also it has been reported that longer domain registration lengths are beneficial.
  9. Use your keywords in your responses to the comments you receive, you will fine knowledgeable posters doing the same. If you happen to comment elsewhere, use your keyword as the anchor text pointing to your site. This is a great back linking ( off page SEO ) practice.
  10. Create a custom 404 page. You might be surprised at how many people can end up on your 404 page, make it easy for them to find your content.


Remember in all of this that there is no substitute for consistently creating high quality content that your target audience wishes to consume.