Off Page SEO Importance and Tips

Link building is the process of  acquiring incoming links to your website as a part of an off page search engine optimization strategy, done properly it can dramatically improve your ranking in Google search results. This has been true for a long time and continues to be true with recent Google search algorithm updates. These algorithm updates  have caused the management of many high profile websites to pay careful consideration to the quality not quantity of the inbound links to their site. Today, inbound links are one of the many factors that Google and other major engines consider when deciding which pages to serve for each query into the search engine. This is important because traffic is related to sales and the higher your rank the more traffic you get. Spending time and money on SEO can raise your exposure and thus bottom line.

If you’re trying to improve search engine rankings on your websites, link building must be part of your overall SEO strategy, and here’s why. A lot of inbound links suggests that your website offers information that many visitors found helpful and useful. The search engineers decided long ago that if a lot of people find your website interesting enough to link to, there’s a good chance that there’s something worth reading there. To be sure that they’re sending people to sites that are relevant to the searcher’s query, the algorithm also determines how many of the links pointing to your website come from other websites that are about the same thing. Once people became familiar with this fact, the link building industry came of age with companies sprouting up solely to sell dozens to thousands of inbound links to your site for a fee. Once Google got wind of this, they decided to adjust the algorithm to focus more on the quality rather than quantity of links and thus the massive numbers of low quality inbound links you could easily purchase are no longer as useful.


 Here are a few tips to keep in mind when formulating your off page seo strategy:

  1. Make your content easy to share by including social book marking tools with one click sharing capability.
  2. Certain types of articles have become popular on the web such as “Top 10 Lists”, “Topic 101” etc …
  3. Networking with bloggers who already have a following and having them create content for you. You then get easy exposure to their user base.
  4. When creating inbound links use the keywords you are optimizing for as the anchor text. For instance “best web designer”.  The combination of a relevant on page title and off page anchor text from a high quality website is very convincing to search engines.


For competitive keywords such as “realestate”, it may take a few years of concentrated effort to even reach the first page because of the effort these markets put into SEO. Once again the trick to running a successful link building campaign is to consistently publish original high quality content that your target audience desires to consume. They intern will share it with their friends and link to your site and hopefully your campaign will bear results.